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Jan 10 2024

Trending ear, nose & belly piercings  


Much like fashion trends, piercing trends are constantly evolving. Season to season, different piercing styles have become a popular way to personalise your look. 

Whether you’re wanting to customise your ear stack or simply looking for a new way to level up your look this year – we're uncovering the body jewellery trends to look out for in 2024.  

Trending piercing styles to look out for this season  

Earscaping & Maximalism  


The industrial piercing trend from the ‘90s had a major influence on our jewellery collection last year, but this year – we're taking an even bolder approach to piercings.  

Expect to get more experimental with your piercing jewellery – from chunky silhouettes to bejeweled body jewellery, 2024 is the year of standing out. The ‘earscaping’ trend has popularised the idea of letting your piercings tell a story about your personality through layering.  

By stacking your piercings together and opting for piercing jewellery with eye-catching embellishments and bold profiles, you can show off your unique sense of style and create a stack with impact. Customise your earring stacks with our selection of trending and timeless earrings here to create your very own earscape.  


The Dainty Piercing Trend 


If making a statement isn’t your style, don’t worry – big and bold isn’t the only piercing trend 2024 has in store for us. You can just as easily customise your look with timeless accents and dainty jewellery profiles.  

Some things like diamonds and pearls are forever, so don’t be afraid to incorporate these embellishments into your ear stack and jewellery rotation this year. For a distinctive look, layer different styles of piercings together, pair barbells with embellished hoop earrings, and add dimension by creating gradual height with drop earrings, hoops and studs in varying sizes.  

Discover our wide range of dainty and signature earrings or ear piercings here for more.  


Nostalgic Piercing Trends  


Y2K fashion has well and truly already made a comeback, from maxi skirts and lowrise jeans, we’ve all become comfortable with the nostalgic trend – but it’s only just started to influence our piercing decisions.  

Celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion, Miley Cyrus and Julia Fox have all bedazzled and customised their look with the infamous Y2K belly piercing – popularising the return of body bling. But it’s not just celebrities styling the trend, millennials and Gen Z are pioneering the trend, adding sparkle to their look with fun and trendy belly piercings.  

Beyond belly piercings, a return of ‘90s septum and nose piercings are back too! Discover our entire selection of belly rings, barbells, nose piercings and septums here and add flair to your outfit in 2024 with a nostalgic nod to the noughties.  


Don’t want to commit to a belly piercing just yet? Discover our selection of fake piercings, including fake septums and fake dermals – so you can test out your piercings for a day before taking the plunge.  

Trending ear piercing placements for 2024  

While some piercings will be forever, like our staple lobe and second piercings – there are some different piercing placements having their moment in 2024. We’ve scoured the runway to narrow down the latest piercing trends for the year, from a modern take on a traditional helix piercing to the rise of the snakebite trend.  

Snakebite ear piercing  


Snakebite piercings are back, but not in the same way you might remember them. And no, we’re not talking about the lip piercing – snakebites are the latest dainty jewellery trend levelling up our ear stacks, and arguably the most popular piercing trend forecasted for 2024.  

The snakebite piercing is simple to achieve, especially if you already have your ears pierced. The trend refers to two ear piercings stacked closely together – commonly styled as a conch or midi-helix piercing. 

The beauty of this trend is its versatility. Customise your snakebite piercing by mixing and matching your jewellery. Layer simple studs or flatbacks for a traditional look, or experiment with pairing two-toned hoops and studs together for a unique finish to your stack.  

Discover our selection of surgical steel, titanium and gold plated ear piercings and customise your snakebites in 2024.  


Constellation piercings  


More is more in 2024, especially when it comes to the constellation piercing trend. Constellation piercings are a collection of three or more piercings placed in close vicinity in one area of the ear, mimicking the look of star constellations.  

While constellation piercings aren’t by any means a ‘new’ invention, the trend has grown rapidly in popularity – becoming a fan-favourite piercing style that can be customised to suit all stacks.  

Add detail to your ear stack with our selection of celestial, diamante and dainty earrings for a decorative finish. 

For a vibrant finish to your ear stack, opt for some gold plated flatbacks adorned with semi-precious gemstones for an added pop of colour. Explore our selection of real gold and titanium flatback, bars and hoop piercings here for more.  


Conch Piercing  


Conch piercings are a versatile and low-maintenance piercing option that can add interest to the simplest of ear stacks. This piercing placement works well with adorning piercings or can accent a simple lobe stud – perfect for jewellery minimalist and maximalists alike.

The conch piercing is a type of cartilage piercing in the center of the ear, near the ear canal opening. This placement works well with stud earrings but is commonly styled with hinge hoops or clicker rings, giving the appearance of ‘hugging’ the cartilage fold.  

Style your conch piercing with a surgical steel, titanium or gold plated clicker ring or bar flatback adorned with cubic zirconia crystals for added sparkle. For a unique addition to your look, layer your conch piercing with an illusion hoop of ear cuff for added dimension.


Helix & Forward Helix  


Unlike traditional helix piercings, situated on the outer cartilage, the forward helix piercing is on the upper outer cartilage, in line with the tragus. 

Forward helix piercings are becoming a popular piercing choice, loved for their modern and subtle avant-garde appearance. They can be styled solo or layered together with double or triple helix piercings. Create unique combinations using complementary studs, flatbacks, barbells or hoop earrings for a detailed finish.  

Whether you want to complement a refined, dainty stack or add an alternative touch to your look – discover our selection of cartilage piercing jewellery in a range of different designs here.  


There you have it, the piercings you need for 2024! Discover our selection of body and piercing jewellery here to curate your stack or visit our Piercing page for information about our in-store Piercing Services.  

If you pop into your local Lovisa for your next piercing, don’t forget to share it with us using #LovisaPiercing on Instagram or TikTok, or use our latest piercing Instagram filter via the effects page. 

Information about our in-store service can be found here.  

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