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Piercing Aftercare

We place great emphasis on looking after your new piercing!

Understanding what to do and what not to do is the best way to ensure your new piercing heals quickly, keeping in mind earlobe and cartilage piercings require different aftercare.

Healing times vary and original earrings must remain in for the below times.

Ear lobes: 6-8 weeks. Ear cartilage: 12 weeks. 


• Don’t touch, or let others touch your piercing. Try to avoid knocking your piercing and take extra care when brushing hair, sports etc.

• After 3 weeks, you can rotate your earrings once only in the shower with thoroughly clean, soap-free hands.

• Avoid sleeping on your piercing and try to sleep on your back to avoid irritation and abrasion.

• Avoid sharing jewellery with friends or inserting non-sterile jewellery.

• Don’t go swimming or submerge piercing until fully healed. Contaminated water poses a risk of infection.

• Change your pillow case every 2-3 days to avoid germs spreading.

• Keep hair spray, soap, shampoo, and other hair products away from the ear. 
Our hair carries natural oils and potential germs that can infect your piercing if contact occurs. Avoid this by tying you hair up or using hair clips to keep hair out of the way.

• Avoid non-piercing specific treatments such as; Dettol, alcohol-based solutions, peroxides, disinfectants, soaps and tea tree oil.

    Cleaning & hygiene

    • Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your ears or earrings.

    • Gently slide your earring back and forth while cleaning to help the antiseptic reach inside your piercing.

     • Gently rotate your piercing earrings at least 3 times a day, ideally after showing and applying aftercare.

    • Avoid sharing jewellery with friends or inserting non-sterile jewellery. Germs and bacteria can easily spread and trigger infection.

    • Our hair carries natural oils and potential germs that can infect your piercing. Tie your hair up or use hair clips to keep hair out of the way.


    • Avoid products such as hair spray, shampoo, soap, perfume or cosmetics. 

    • Be extra careful not to catch your piercing earring when brushing your hair.

    • Protect your piercing from the sun and avoid getting sunscreen in your piercing.

    • Be wary of tight neck clothing or items that are made out of wooly fibres. Your piercing could easily get caught! 

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