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Feb 15 2024

Birthday Presents for Pisces Season


Pisces season is right around the corner! If you’re yet to find the perfect gift for the Pisces in your life, don’t worry – you've still got time. We’ve curated our guide to the ultimate birthday gifts, perfect for your bestie, partner, or even yourself.  

From signature staples your loved ones can style in their everyday stack, to occasion-ready accessories perfect for complementing a birthday outfit, discover our guide to Pisces-approved birthday gifts 

Pisces Traits & Characteristics 

Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiacs! These lovable water signs are known for their empathy and creativity, making great friends and communicative companions. It’s these qualities that make Pisces our go-to for a D&M or daily dose of wisdom.  

Pisces likes to form connections with like-minded individuals and base their relationships on stability, support and shared values. Because of this, Pisces naturally connect well with fellow water signs, Scorpio and Cancer. They’re also highly compatible with earth signs, like Capricorn and Taurus.

Star Sign & Personalised Gifts


Often the best presents are the ones that reflect who we are. Keep your loved ones front of mind with something sentimental from our bestselling initial and zodiac collections. 

If the Pisces in your life is an astrology lover, explore jewellery designed with constellation and zodiac charms. Choose a signature Pisces star sign pendant necklace or curated ear stack adorned with horoscope charms.  

For something more refined, opt for jewellery adorned with initial charms and pendants instead. Choose from our range of pendants, bracelets or ring packs adorned with their initials. Each piece of jewellery from our star sign and initials collection is crafted with real gold and silver plating, making signature staples your loved ones can style in their everyday stack.

Discover our entire collection of star sign and initial jewellery here and get gifting!  


Trending Coastal Jewellery  


There’s no gift more perfect for water signs than some coastal-inspired accessories. Let Pisces be in their element this season with our collection of trending coastal jewellery.  

Resort wear trends are no longer being reserved for vacation! With the rise of eclectic and relaxed fashion trends, we’re seeing an influx of coastal trends entering the mainstream. Accessories and jewellery featuring seashells, starfish, and molten textured finishes have become signature staples in our every day stacks, making great birthday gifts for water signs.  

Gift the Pisces in your life a set of trending statement studs or molten textured wrist cuff to layer in their stack this season. Explore our entire range of beachy accessories here, perfect for all the events Pisces season has to offer.  


Semi-Precious Jewellery  


Complement Pisces calming energy with our collection of captivating semi-precious stones. Jewellery crafted with semi-precious gemstones make unique and one-of-a-kind birthday gifts, perfect for making a lasting impression. 

Pick out jewellery adorned with Pisces birthstones – amethyst and aquamarine for a sentimental touch. Aquamarine stones represent Pisces' water element and are associated with honesty, loyalty and protection, while amethyst is the stone of peace and clarity.

Choose from our collection of curated semi-precious earring stacks, pendant necklaces or rings adorned with natural semi-precious stones here for more.  


Gold Jewellery Gifts 


Timeless jewellery pieces make fail-safe gifts. This pisces season, surprise your loved ones with gold jewellery essentials, perfect for everyday wear.  

Discover our selection of gold plated jewellery staples Pisces can return to time again in their jewellery collection. Whether you want to complement a piece they already have in their collection, or treat them to something new, explore premium gold pieces here.  

When picking out the perfect gift, stick to timeless styles for longevity. Silhouettes like snake chains, figaro necklaces, and chunky huggie hoops are trusty styles that will forever be in style. For something more premium, opt for gold jewellery embellished with freshwater pearls or cubic zirconia crystals for a hint of glamour.  


Cubic Zirconia Diamond Jewellery  


Make their birthday month special with our selection of glamorous statement accessories. Help Pisces stand out this season with our wide range of diamond studded jewellery, perfect for completing their birthday party or evening outfits this Pisces season. 

Our collection of cubic zirconia jewellery is encrusted with luxe, man-made crystals that mimic the same cut and clarity as genuine diamonds, at a fraction of the price. Pick out a pair of dazzling statement earrings, a chic wrist cuff or diamond simulant statement necklace perfect for pairing with their birthday dinner or party outfits.  


Gifting Pearl Jewellery 


Capture Pisces' affinity for the seaside with some elegant, pearl jewellery pieces. Pearls are synonymous with beauty and wisdom, making wow-worthy birthday gifts and staples in any jewellery collection. 

This month, surprise Pisces with some refined jewellery pieces, adorned with freshwater pearls for a luxe touch. Pick out a pair of pearl earrings, a simple pearl necklace or complete their outfit with a matching pearl jewellery set.  

Discover pearl pieces Pisces can cherish for years to come here for more.  


There you have it, the ultimate gifts perfect for Pisces season. Discover our guide to premium birthday gifts here, or visit our Pisces collection for more star-sign approved pieces.  

Don’t forget to tag us in your birthday outfits over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa for a chance to be featured.

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